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Red Hat Red Hat has an NDA cooperation with Marvell for the wireless chips that they want to use for the One Laptop per Child-project. The idea of this is that both parties think Marvell will be more open in the future, but this is absolutely not the path they should walk, according to OpenBSD's Theo de Raadt. "I am getting really tired of 'open source' people who work against the open source community. Our little group can probably take credit for having 'opened up' more wireless devices than the rest of the community, and therefore we feel we have a better grasp of the damage OLPC has done here."
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RE: Ack
by Moulinneuf on Fri 6th Oct 2006 14:39 UTC in reply to "Ack"
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"OpenBSD is the one and only real free and open operating system."

No , something that can be closed to all others in the originals and the derivatives and that the majority of the source code is closed and cant be used by the majority and everyone , is not Free nor Open.

"There is no "religion" like in GPL"

The GPL is not a religion , there is no divine intervention or faith based on a superior entity , its a License created by humans that seems to work where all others before it fails.

"and there is no "war" between distros"

1) There is no distributions , in anyway and sense you can apply the word , that is one of the major problem for all BSD division/projects due to its internal wars.

2) The GNU/Linux distribution all work at offering the best solution they can , they also share there creation amongst all others.

"Just openess without any drawback!"

Closing of code , no contribution back , no sharing of source code by choice , no financial support , no commercial support beyond taking the existing code and making money from it with no consideration for the projects. Etc ... All BSD are all but drawbacks.

"Should be common in opensource"

No , because Open Source is supposed to be against having its source code closed as its a marketing tool of free software. Thats why its ( BSD's , OpenBSD ) not common principally. People tried it and it failed miserably , 35 years of BSD show this.

"but the opposite is true."

No , real Open Source is not an opposite of opensource , its just against closing of software at the original source code or the derivative. Thats where OpenBSD fails the most.

Learn some new terms :

* Copyleft : is a play on the word copyright it give freedom where copyright is used to remove them.

OpenBSD dont do that.

* Copycenter : Take it down to the copy center and make as many copies as you want. ( BSD where the first to have this , they just forget they did invent it in latter versions ).

OpenBSD dont do that. Even do its a BSD's creation.

* CopyFree : You dont have to ask permission to do anything with it.

OpenBSD dont do that.

* Contriback : you have to make your modification and derivative availaible to all who ask or make the offer of giving access to it for a fee at any time in the futur to anyone who ask.

OpenBSD dont do that.

* SupportFree : Anyone can give support on it legally.

OpenBSD dont do that.

Those qualities above are some of the quality that OpenBSD dont do or choose to not do anymore and why its inferior. Those are what differentiate the GPL and BSD.

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