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3D News, GL, DirectX "Open-source support has appeared by default in X.Org 7.1 for R300 generation GPUs. While ATI does not officially support these R300 open-source drivers, this alternative have been gaining momentum with users largely due to the lack of GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap support in fglrx. This extension is needed for the AIGLX desktop eye-candy. These drivers do lack TV-out support and many other features found within ATI's fglrx drivers, but how does its performance compare?"
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RE: Is this guy on crack?
by sbergman27 on Fri 6th Oct 2006 15:22 UTC in reply to "Is this guy on crack?"
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As a consumer savvy enough to understand the issues, it pays to balance the factors against each other. Open drivers give you certain assurances and conveniences. Performance is also a factor... *if* you play games or do other things that require 3D. Otherwise, the performace differences count for zip. Reliability is quite significant.

Your mileage may vary.

I'm quite happy with the open drivers on my notebook with an ATI Express 200M. The performace in glxgears is about half what the fglrx drivers can do, but I don't care. It's less hassle not having to muck with the proprietary drivers.

I do use the proprietary NVidia drivers on my desktop machine.

I'd say more, but I think I'll go back to trying to find a way out of my current level in 'Rune'. ;-)

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