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Windows "Today, Microsoft is excited to announce the availability of Windows Vista RC2 to Technical Beta Testers, TAP Testers, and MSDN/TechNet subscribers. This new build of Windows Vista offers users a higher level of performance and stability - improving what was established in Windows Vista RC1. We were able to also fix many of your bugs reported from RC1 and implement them for RC2. Thank you to our beta testers for the bugs and feedback you submitted for RC1."
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RE[4]: In other news
by Coxy on Sat 7th Oct 2006 14:47 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: In other news"
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99% of computer users couldn't care whether their software is opensource. They just want something that works... they don't want to wait for some teenage geeks to finish buggy beta software while doing their A-levels just so they can look at the source code and if they really want, build their own from source.

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RE[5]: In other news
by twenex on Sat 7th Oct 2006 19:17 in reply to "RE[4]: In other news"
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over 50% of people in the US don't vote, with similar percentages in the rest of the Western world. That doesn't mean democracy is worthless; what it means is that people don't realise how worthwhile it is until they get kicked in the nethers by the threat of it going away.

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