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Amiga & AROS Amiga Inc, thought to be dead after stopping all communication with the Amiga community, have reappeared. The long spell of silence was broken when they answered 25 questions from the readers at In the answers, the CEO of Amiga Inc, Bill McEwen revealed some information that once again brought back some hope in the Amiga community. Hyperion Entertainment and their partners have been busy working on Amiga OS4, which has been in available in pre-release form since April 2004. The final release is held back by the lack of suitable PPC motherboards to run OS4 on, but this seems to be finally resolved, and a final release is expected this year. The interview left a lot of questions unanswered, especially with regards to Amiga Inc's plans for OS5. So to get a clearer picture of where they are headed, I asked Bill McEwen to answer some questions."
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by justin.68 on Sun 8th Oct 2006 12:48 UTC
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BM>> The Cell processor is used by Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii (stupid name by the way), and Playstation 3.

But why on earth the Cell processor? Who cares about the new devices using the Cell chip? Does the Amiga user want another "device", game console or printer?

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RE: cell
by hagiz on Sun 8th Oct 2006 15:53 in reply to "cell"
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afaik, only the PS3 uses the Cell, Xbox360 and Wii both use PPC CPU's.

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RE[2]: cell
by bile on Mon 9th Oct 2006 14:07 in reply to "RE: cell"
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They all have PPC ISA compatible processors. They are very different otherwise. Cell has one PPC core with upto 8 DSP like SPU's. Xenon in the Xbox 360 is a tri core PPC chip, each core similar to the Cell's PPC core. The Broadway CPU is related to the Gekko which was related to the G3.

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