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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Though delayed for a while and later to market than most Mandriva fans would probably prefer, the new Mandriva Linux 2007 PowerPack Edition is finally here, nearly a year after the previous release. 2007 is typical Mandriva through and through: attractively themed in KDE, easy to install without skipping the technical details, a little bug-ridden here and there, and full of new and interesting software technologies. This release does have its own identity, though; not only has the standard theme been redesigned for the first time in several years, but this is the first Mandriva release to include a legal DVD movie player."
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Poor customer service
by davidiwharper on Fri 13th Oct 2006 15:10 UTC
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There are three kinds of bugs in desktop operating systems [...]

There's also a fourth problem: customer service. Mandriva customer service is lousy. I bought Discovery from Mandriva Store. So far:

* Two FTP clients misread the size of the DVD ISO image on the server (I thought the file was corrupt, my mistake)
* It took personal prodding from AdamW to get some help -- no assistance was forthcoming from customer service
* The download speed is so slow it's taken me over three days to get to 75% (average of 10KB/s) -- I have cable broadband, for goodness sake!
* No help has been forthcoming about the slow connection thus far

I'd like to try Mandriva Discovery -- I have already tried Mandriva One, and it looks good -- but until I get the product I really can't say whether it's worth the money or not.

This is not the first time I've been stuffed around either. During a club promotion I tried to join but was rejected by a scripting error with the Store -- I couldn't get as far as payment no matter what I did. What help I got during that debacle was too little, too late.

My very first experience with Mandriva was trying to register a service activation key -- this was also difficult, although it was sorted out.

Maybe I'm just cantankerous, but the problem I have with Mandriva is that nothing is ever easy! With Linspire, their order system is rock-solid and their support (while slow) has delivered the few times I've needed it. With Mandriva the simplest things are turned into major obstacles.

Next time I should probably just download a pirated torrent (no I'm not going to give a link) or perhaps buy the PowerPack from a pressed CD reseller for a fraction of the box price. Mandriva wouldn't get any money, but I wouldn't get the frustration either.

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