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Hardware, Embedded Systems NEC confirmed that it was exiting the European PC market, announcing it had reached a deal to sell its Netherlands-based Packard Bell subsidiary to Chinese entrepreneur Lap Shun 'John' Hui. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Although a popular brand of computers in for a short period of time in the mid 1990s worldwide, Packard Bell quickly was eclipsed by competitors, mainly for a reputation of lackluster quality and poor customer support.
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Still give me cold shivers down my spine
by griffinme on Mon 16th Oct 2006 21:33 UTC
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I still get cold shivers down my spine when I go to a neighbor/friend's house and see that dreaded symbol. I know that some day they will come to me and ask that I please fix that POS.

I may dislike MS, Real, AOL, and Apple for some of their misdeeds, but I loathe Packard Bell. They come close to RIAA and MPAA status.

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ugh, i've had to work on my share of PBs.. I tend to just tell the people they are shot and to buy a new PC.

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I still remember those awful monitors that had speakers on the side of them. They looked terrible, and they never worked.

Urghhh. Some must have just walked over my grave......

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