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Linux A few months ago we ran a poll about the most important non-free Linux apps. We had over 8,000 votes in that poll and we consider the results pretty interesting. Interesting enough to push Linux's market share if a distro capitalized on them?
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Invincible Cow
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> Windows cannot play mp3 out of the box
Yes it can, do your homework.

> My gentoo installation however could from the very beginning. Yet again due to USE flag settings.
It was NOT out of the box if you had to DO SOMETHING to get it, was it?

> Compare stock Windows installation with stock Linux
> installation, and you'll see most Linux distributions
> are way ahead of Windows (and much bigger in terms of
> used GB's on your harddrive).
I'd say that fewer GB's is better. Also, you should know that talking about a stock version of XP is not that relevant since almost no one uses a stock version. They buy it installed and pre-configured because that's what they want.

> You are really good at comparing apples with oranges.
What point is there to compare if the two things you compare are completely equal?

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dylansmrjones Member since:

Hey, nobody says two apples are equal ;)

Anyway, what's the point of comparing a pre-configured Windows system with a barebone FLOSS system?

Eugenia should compare a preconfigured FLOSS system with a preconfigured Windows system, or at least quit whining and merely state the elements she thinks are important.

I think there should be a simple and easy way to install non-free software, but whining about it, isn't the way to go.

I agree that fewer GB's are better. But compare a fullyfledged XP (or in my case Win2K3) system with a fullyfledged Linux system, and you'll see both are way too bloated.

BTW. Most users buy PC's with Windows preconfigured - mostly because they can't get anything else, and because they don't know anything else. Since most of them know nothing at all, they don't know what they want. They just buy what they can get. And you cannot blame them for that (or at least it would be unfair).

BTW: You can do something and still have it out of the box. When I've finished installing Win2K3 it doesn't support MP3 (no codecs are installed, though the W(i)MP can download such codecs temporarily). When Gentoo-installation is done, it has mp3 playback. I have to tell it to do so, but I also have to prepare partitions for Windows. Simple preconfiguring. Gentoo is just much easier to preconfigure, while Windows have to be after-configured, unless you buy a PC with everything and sundry installed.

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hal2k1 Member since:

> Windows cannot play mp3 out of the box
"Yes it can, do your homework."

It would appear that "out of the Windows box" Windows can play but not encode mp3s.

You need an additional plugin to encode mp3s, according to Microsoft themselves.

Windows includes no support for ogg, out of the box or even via a plugin from Microsoft:

In fact, Microsoft's default dialog box implies that Windows can't support ogg:

... but you can get it from elsewhere, so Windows lies. It is just that you can't get such support from Microsoft.

All up, out of the box, Windows media support is far inferior to a typical Linux installation, out of the box.

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Sphinx Member since:

My gentoo installation however could from the very
beginning. Yet again due to USE flag settings.
It was NOT out of the box if you had to DO SOMETHING to get it, was it?

It's not out of the box if there is no box either now is it?

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