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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Another review of Ubuntu 6.10: "While using Edgy Eft during the RC series and now the final version, I can say that Edgy Eft is a sweet little operating system that gets the job done. Unfortunately there isn't anything in the standard install of Edgy Eft that will make people drool with delight or think it is truly 'Edgy'. Nevertheless Ubuntu 6.10 is noteable for its solid group of features and consistent amount of polish throughout." Update: One more review, here.
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Step backwards
by ealm on Fri 27th Oct 2006 20:41 UTC
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My WLAN card, WG511, which was working perfectly in Dapper (previous[k]ubuntu release), cannot connect to wireless networks in this new release.

A quick look at the kubuntu forums reveals that I'm not alone. This kind of problems is what separates a commercial quality dist from a free one.

Back to Linspire...

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RE: Step backwards
by thebluesgnr on Sat 28th Oct 2006 01:50 in reply to "Step backwards"
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This kind of problems is what separates a commercial quality dist from a free one.

This statement is wrong in many levels.

Commercial is not the opposite of 'free'. Software can be free and commercial (MySQL for example), as well as proprietary and non-commercial (a lot free as in beer software for Windows, for example).

Ubuntu is a commercial distribution, backed by a company called Canonical. Linspire is also one, the company is called Linspire. So any difference in quality you see is not because one is commercial and the other one is not. (Debian is a non-commercial distribution and it provides a much higher quality system than both Ubuntu and Linspire.)

A normal Ubuntu release has the goal of shipping the latest and greatest in the FOSS world. The latest kernel, the latest Xorg, the latest GNOME (or KDE), etc. This is exactly one of the reasons the distribution is so popular; there are a lot of people that like to have the latest, even if tinkering to get some bugs worked around is necessary.

Linspire isn't very good at this. However, they provide a release that is supported for a longer period of time. The development of a new version also takes a longer time, as well as the testing required to get that new version released.

So you're probably thinking that if you don't care that much about having the latest version of KDE, then Linspire is the distro for you and Ubuntu is useless. Well, that's not true either. Ubuntu has an "LTS" version, which is supported for a longer period of time and receives a lot more testing before release than a release such as Edgy. It also takes longer to develop. (Ubuntu 6.06 LTS was released 8 months after the previous version, compared to 4 months for Ubuntu 6.10).

In short, if you think what Linspire provides is what you want, then you shouldn't be comparing it to this Ubuntu release in the first place. And don't forget your lesson: if you decide to check out the latest FOSS in 6 months, test Ubuntu 7.04 from the CD before killing your LTS installation. Or setup a partition just for testing new OS releases (being this site is called OSNews, I bet a lot of people here do that).

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