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GNU, GPL, Open Source "The Software Freedom Law Center's CTO Bradley Kuhn has issued a statement regarding the Novell-Microsoft agreements and how they will impact FOSS developers. They have analyzed in particular Microsoft's Patent Pledge for Non-Compensated Developers and see little value and in fact say it's worse than useless, because it creates an illusion of safety and because it limits severely what that developer is allowed to do with his work."
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RE: My Take
by b3timmons on Sun 12th Nov 2006 03:19 UTC in reply to "My Take"
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I'm with you; I guess one thing to do is to consider competing technologies, e.g., help displace Mono in its niches with Java (assuming good news next week from Sun).

You give MS its strategic due, which too many overlook. Another analysis which does a good job here is

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