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Oracle and SUN On the day after Thanksgiving, Xandros will be giving business Linux users an early holiday present: Xandros Desktop Professional version 4.0. This new version of this well-regarded Debian-based desktop is designed to work in both Linux- and Windows-based office networks. It comes ready for use on NT domain, Active Directory, and Linux/Unix NIS-based LANs. This new version also comes with a fancy 3D effect desktop. Expect a review here on OSNews soon.
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Xandros is great
by nedvis on Fri 24th Nov 2006 00:21 UTC
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RE: How are they still around?
Yes, Xandros Desktop is still alive and kickin' !
I'm using Xandros 2 Business Edition as well as Xandros Desktop 3 Open Circulation Edition on my four computers at home and at work since they perfectly fit into our Windows 2000 Small Business Server LAN ( Active Directory and PD at work ) and my mixed home network ( Windows 2000 Professional, Fedora 5, PSLinuxOS 0,92 and PSDBSD 1.2).
Also I moved couple other computers from MS to Xandros ( mainly Pentium II and Petium III machines with Windows 98/ME) donated to church where I work as a building superintendent. Computers are normal workstations used for desktop publishing, browsing WEB, church kiosk computer/info center and very soon I'm gonna replace Mandrake 9.2 from Dell P III we're using as our church Children's Center WEB server.
And to be quite honest *buntu distros are just overkill for systems based on Pentium II CPU and as you know there are many such machines around.
We're now in process of upgrading our 20 PC LAN with
Xandros Server for our messaging, colaboration, WEB/FTP server, printer sharing and file storage.

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RE: Xandros is great
by zerohalo on Fri 24th Nov 2006 02:51 in reply to "Xandros is great"
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Is the OC edition also set up for easy joining a Win Server 2003 domain with AD, or does that only come with the Biz edition?

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