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Microsoft Consumers cannot run home versions of Windows Vista as virtual machines because virtualization is not mature enough for broad adoption, says Microsoft. They claim "that consumers don't understand the risks of running virtual machines, and they only want enterprises that understand the risks to run Vista on a VM".
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Anyway, who does really need Vista?
by ebasconp on Fri 24th Nov 2006 13:20 UTC
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With this kind of attitudes, Microsoft is getting isolated from the community.

I feel the people is getting tired and tired of its arrogance, its business model and its way of "protecting the customer" with a lot of prohibitions. Maybe it's offtopic, but the MS model is the same model that the US goverment uses with us, the small countries, to "protecting" us: blocking our economies, saying what to do and what not to do, etc.

Let's move to BSDs, OpenSolaris and/or Linux; OSes in power of the community and being developed by the community.

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A pro or neutral MS comment is not off-topic .
If people dont like the opinion put up arguments against it instead of modding down .

IMO some people round here - I guess especially since the MS / NOVL deal - are modding comments which are not bashing MS down to vent their anger etc .

BTW I also dislike MS but also agree that some people really HATE Microsoft especially with recent developments .

Just IMO ;)

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There is no hatred in his post. Just critizism.
Just find one thing is his post that is hatred.

I know you're a microserf, but keep the level down. Zealots are so annoying for the rest of us.

Actually, a few hours ago I attended a lecture given by a MS-representative (I came home 30 minutes ago). He was more critical towards certain features in Vista, than I've ever been against MS.

Was this MS-representive a MS-hater, too?

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