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Windows Microsoft announced the availability of Windows Vista, Office 2007 and Exchange 2007 for businesses on Nov. 30, an event company CEO Steve Ballmer said was the "biggest launch we've ever done." After delivering a media address at the Nasdaq Stock Exchange in New York to celebrate the product availability, Ballmer sat down with eWEEK Senior Editor Peter Galli to talk about why he feels this is a new day for Microsoft, developers and its customers. CNet has more.
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(...)and buy Intel graphics cards.

What intel graphic cards? Last time I checked they only supplied integrated solutions. And those (made by Intel) are worthless when it comes to any gaming or 3d productivity.

PS. Maybe things will change a bit with that new GMA X3000 - time will tell.

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yeh sorry about that, i meant buy Intel integrated cards,
i like AMD but intel is open source, yeh they are a little under par, but please understand they are not worthless, they have comparable performance to an X300se radeon, and 98% per cent of users don't even know what 3d productivity is. regardless i will still buy integrated Intel (sigh) because we really have little choice on Linux. soon enough though when Intel becomes a serious player among the vega card manufactures then it will force others to open their drivers. which is why i laugh when ATI or nVidia talk about trade secrets, well Intel fears nothing and for that i admire them. and yes hopefully intel will make more powerful vega cards.

Ultimatebadass i admire your tack, and you are quite right, but i beleive we have to do somethig if we are going to coerce manufactures into FOSS drivers and documentation

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