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Fedora Core This light hearted review is a look at how a girl who uses Windows (and is non-technical) deals with using Fedora Linux instead. In fact, she likes it so much, she uses it all the time now. If she can use Fedora Linux, anyone can.
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RE[2]: Can/want difference
by abraxas on Wed 17th Aug 2005 01:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Can/want difference"
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Only the importing of old files and settings from windows to linux is lacking.

Since when is it lacking? You can import bookmarks from IE to Firefox. You can open your Word, Powerpoint, and Excel files in OpenOffice. You can log into your AIM, MSN, and Yahoo instant messengers. You can connect to an MS Exchange mail server with Evolution. Novell even had a demonstration about a year or so ago that first backed up your files and settings onto a main server and then installed Suse and during installation it retrieved all of you settings and documents and imported them. It is a fantastic feature for businesses who want to switch.

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