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Windows O'Reilly's DevCenter is featuring an in-depth look at Windows Vista Beta 1. Their conclusion? "Surprisingly, this build of Windows Vista is pretty stable, and the performance is quite good."
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The Vista Effect
by on Wed 17th Aug 2005 03:57 UTC

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Well Vista has already had an effect on my purchasing plans ...

At the moment I have an aging (ie. the 'S' key is starting to play up) Asus laptop running XP-Pro and an aging desltop running XP-Home.

My plans "were" to flip the XP-Home box across to something like Ubunto, donate the laptop to the Salvation Army, buy a Mac-Mini and a new laptop (I need it for work so it would be another Windows box).

This was all going to happen this month, but IF I'm buying a Windows laptop I've decided to wait until Vista is released to get it 'free' .. evn though I KNOW it's not gonna do anything more for me than XP.

BUT because of that, I can't donate the old Laptop and move the desktop across to Linux (after all I have to have at least 1 machine which has a functioning 'S' key) ... so the Mac-Mini takes a bath (can't think of why - just feel wrong to buy one until I move the desktop to Linux).

All of this for a piece of shaftware which isn't gonna change my life in any significant way ....

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RE: The Vista Effect
by on Wed 17th Aug 2005 15:12 in reply to "The Vista Effect"
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No operating system alone is going to revolutionize computing anymore, those days were over ages ago. Nobody including MS is foolish enough to expect their customers to toss all existing software and hardware, and invest in retraining an entire generation of employees to adapt to a massive change.

From a purely corporate point of view, the less change in design the better.

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