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BeOS & Derivatives The Haiku network stack currently under heavy development is reportedly working with the Vision IRC client. Haiku developer Axel Dörfler reports that the network stack can now successfully run the Vision IRC client (screenshot on the Haiku website). At this stage, the network still needs to be configured manually, but this can be easily done by editing a couple of files as explained here. Haiku can use BeOS network drivers, so if your NIC is not supported, you can try finding a driver on
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spanglywires wrote:
-"Sad thing is, many of the good developers other than Axel left due to issues with the way things were run."

don't know about any of that. however, it's not like Axel is the only 'good' developer in the Haiku project, him being extraordinary doesn't make the others bad.

spanglywires wrote:
-"Haiku is already years too late."

too late for whom? you?

if Haiku ends up only being used by the Haiku development team it would still be time well spent for them, it's not like they were in it for the money. and I also doubt that being an OS developer gets you the hot chicks (could be wrong here though).

if their efforts manages to breathe much needed life into the Beos user base and development scene, then so much the better. either way, they can count me in.

here is my extremely optimistic view of Haiku's future ;D

while(Windows != FOSS && Linux != DESKTOP_OS)

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