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Mozilla & Gecko clones According to research carried out by French firm Xiti Monitor, use of the Firefox browser continues to grow in Europe. Since April this year, the geeky alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer gained an extra four percent of the market across the continent. According to Xiti's research, the browser is now used by some 23.2 per cent of European PC web surfers - up from 19.4% in April.
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by sbenitezb on Sat 9th Dec 2006 10:48 UTC in reply to "..."
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"Well, when you use Firefox once there is no return. "

Well, that depends on the quality of your previous browser. I use Firefox 2, but not as my main browser; I mainly use Konqueror because it loads faster, eats less memory and is well integrated to the rest of the desktop. It's not superior IMHO (perhaps debatable), but if I have a good browser that fits my taste I won't use the one being promoted as King just because everyone is using it.

If you compare IE with Firefox, then it's clear you should use Firefox for a better browsing. But not all cases are the same. I'm sure Opera users are going to keep using Opera even after trying Firefox.

Anyway, I still install Firefox on every computer with Windows I have access. For example, a friend of mine has a cybercafé; I quickly installed Firefox on all his computers. People do have a choice. Of course most don't know what Firefox is. They think internet is the little blue E sitting in the desktop. But some of them actually use Firefox, because they knew it or because they saw other using it. The more people actually using Firefox, the more people will be intrigued by it.

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by BSDrama on Sat 9th Dec 2006 13:51 in reply to "RE: ..."
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The main problem with Konqueror in FreeBSD: flash plugin crashes Firefox, and horrible font suppont.

Other than that, it's allright, I guess. I don't think it is faster, IMHO.

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