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X11, Window Managers In 2002, both KDE and GNOME released their last major revisions; KDE released KDE 3.0 on 3rd April, while GNOME followed shortly after with GNOME 2.0 on 27th June. For the Linux desktop, therefore, 2002 was an important year. Since then, we have continiously been fed point releases which added bits of functionaility and speed improvements, but no major revision has yet seen the light of day. What's going on?
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RE: Works fine
by gmlongo on Thu 21st Dec 2006 13:55 UTC in reply to "Works fine"
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Why is Vista 3 steps back? Amazing how people just flame because they feel like it, especially after having never used the software in question.


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RE[2]: Works fine
by Kwitschibo on Thu 21st Dec 2006 13:59 in reply to "RE: Works fine"
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Why 3 Steps back? A new DE witch can only offers new features and designs with MORE and MORE Hardware Power is no Evolution, its just 3 Steps back. PS: I've installed Vista and its _S_L_O_W_.

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RE[3]: Works fine
by BluenoseJake on Thu 21st Dec 2006 15:07 in reply to "RE[2]: Works fine"
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Vista is more than just a DE, it's an entire OS, with change made throughout. if you think it's just a DE, please stop commenting on something you know nothing about

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RE[3]: Works fine
by wargum on Thu 21st Dec 2006 15:09 in reply to "RE: Works fine"
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So? The upgrade from XP to Vista happens mostly through bying a new machine. And those machine handle Vista easily. Most PCs of, say, the last 3 years can handle Vista pretty good, some may need more RAM though, but it's not as big of a problem as you say.

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RE[4]: Works fine
by renox on Thu 21st Dec 2006 15:55 in reply to "RE[3]: Works fine"
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>Most PCs of, say, the last 3 years can handle Vista pretty good,

Most? 50% of the PC sold are laptops which usually have not too powerful videocards, plus a non negligible percent of desktops have also low-end videocards.
--> I really doubt that your assertion is true.

That said, I agree with you: Vista 'upgrade' will happen mostly by buying new machine.

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RE[2]: Works fine
by vegai on Fri 22nd Dec 2006 07:05 in reply to "RE: Works fine"
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Looking at Microsoft's OS releases, it is more an exception than rule that their new OS releases take steps backwards instead of forward.

(The obvious exceptions being Windows NT and 95.)

So, it's a pretty good guess.

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