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Intel "At next week's Intel developer forum, the firm is due to announce a next generation x86 processor core. The current speculation is this new core is going too be based on one of the existing Pentium M cores. I think it's going to be something completely different."
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Don't bet against Intel
by on Thu 18th Aug 2005 19:20 UTC

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Itanium was a side project. It was Intel's attempt to monopolize the CPU market by moving away from x86. Although Intel would have liked Itanium to succeed, the company's future never depended on it.
Fast forward to today. x86 accounts for the vast majority of Intels fortune. AMD is eating Intel's lunch and gaining marketshare. Intel has no room to fail. If it fails in the x86 market, it doesn't have anything to fall back to.
Intel truly is betting the company on this new architecture. It has put all it's resources in winning this war. Intel has put all it's resources in taking whats good in Itanium and moving it over to x86. It's cpu has to be better than AMD and in a very big way. The next Intel cpu is going to be really really big and revolutionary. It is also going to have lots of patents to keep AMD and others from following them. This is the 158 billion dollar Intel gamble. I wouldn't bet on Intel failing.

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