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SkyOS Hell was already frozen anyway, but apparantly, the SkyOS team is trying to bring hell's temperature to absolute zero, since they are saying 2007 might see a release of SkyOS 5. "After what seems about 30 years worth of work (I'm sure even more to Robert), SkyOS will finally be released to the public. Lots of details are still being worked out on this one (as well as the obvious issues still present in the system), but we're really shooting to make it happen."
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RE[2]: Promising what?
by WereCatf on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 17:24 UTC in reply to "RE: Promising what?"
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They aren't really charging you for the right to test the OS, haven't you read any of the comments here or on their site? You pay now, you will get all the updates _and_ the final SkyOS when it is released without having to pay anything anymore. It will cost a lot more when it is actually released, so it is a good deal. Also, why whine about it? It is still under development, so it is not even worth creating a proper evaluation version either. It is meant for OS enthusiasts and developers at the moment.

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RE[3]: Promising what?
by Darkness on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 17:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Promising what?"
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actually, there is no indication at all that the final product will be more expensive.

If they want to include proprietary drivers from say nvidia, then it could get more expensive, but as far as I know, the price should stay the same

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RE[3]: Promising what?
by ferrels on Tue 2nd Jan 2007 21:40 in reply to "RE[2]: Promising what?"
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Well, if Robert would open up the source, the number of developers would increase a thousandfold and then he wouldn't have an excuse to charge you $30 for a copy.

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RE[4]: Promising what?
by Kelly Rush on Wed 3rd Jan 2007 03:58 in reply to "RE[3]: Promising what?"
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You already have an open source OS, called "Linux" (to name just the most prominent of many options). If having access to the source code and tinkering with it is your thing, you should definitely use that. Closed-source works for us.

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RE[4]: Promising what?
by arielb on Wed 3rd Jan 2007 12:52 in reply to "RE[3]: Promising what?"
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if the source is opened, you will see multiple distros sold by several companies. Robert won't make money from his own work. Look at all those linux hackers and then Novell and Redhat make all the money even though they didn't do most of the work.

On the other hand, Mozilla is making millions of dollars from Firefox even though it is completely free.
We also don't see any distros except for a few geeky optimized builds and Flock is so different from what firefox is about.

I think the difference is with linux, companies make money from selling support. Firefox makes money and gets people to create all these ads ( because it's something people love. And yeah the Google deal. ;)

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