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Linux At OSNews, I try to bring to attention smaller Linux distributions that try to be different, such as SymphonyOS, or more recently, Elive. Today, I want to introduce you to the LG3D-LiveCD, a distribution using Sun's Looking Glass desktop environment. Version 3 was released yesterday: "The new release features lg3d release 1.0, the possibility to install lg3d-livecd to an USB device and an experimental harddisk installer."
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Not for me
by mzilikazi on Mon 8th Jan 2007 13:02 UTC
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Instead of using the live cd I installed LG3D onto my Debian Sid box AMD 3200+/1G Kingston PC3200/GeForce 6200/Nvidia-96.31.

It ran fine from a 'speed' perspective but had other issues that made it unusable. I added a launcher for Swiftfox but it wouldn't 'Save' and did not appear on the taskbar (or at least that's what I expected it to do). Swiftfox did start up no problems, (as did a few other apps) but for reasons unknown the hideous 3D cursor disappears over any X11 windows! Makes it kind of hard to do much when that happens. The background and fonts were blurry and the fonts were difficult to read. My eyes begged for mercy. Hmmm.... Enlightenment DR17 is alpha and it 'just works' and LG3D has made it to 1.0 and has these kinds of issues??? I'll give it yet another year to see if it becomes something useful.

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RE: Not for me
by harcalion on Tue 9th Jan 2007 00:45 in reply to "Not for me"
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Enlightenment has been in that "alpha-stage" for more years than the entire Looking Glass development process. Since Enlightenment 0.16 was released in 2000, that gives us 7 years.

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