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Microsoft Microsoft surprised many of the attendees at its annual worldwide partner show here this weekend by allowing a third party to present a "hands-on lab" that allowed attendees to play with a range of Linux desktop software. Is Microsoft toning down on its anti-Linux campaign?
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>Just out of interest Milo, what proof exists that Linux
>is increasing its market share??
>Market data??

Sure thing.

"In servers, IDC predicts Linux' market share based on unit sales will rise from 24% today to 33% in 2007...In a survey of business users by Forrester Research, 52% said they are now replacing Windows servers with Linux. On the desktop side, IDC sees Linux' share more than doubling, from 3% today to 6% in 2007, while Windows loses a bit of ground." SOURCE:

"Linux servers posted their eleventh consecutive quarter of double-digit growth, with year-over-year revenue growth of 35.2% and unit shipments up 31.1%. Customers continue to expand the role of Linux servers into an ever increasing array of workloads in both the commercial and technical segments of the market....Linux server revenue exceeded $1.2 billion in quarterly factory revenue in 1Q05 as Linux server revenues showed 35.2% growth, reaching 10.3% of overall quarterly server revenue - an all-time high, as a percent of total quarterly revenue. Worldwide investment in Linux servers for both technical and commercial workloads remains strong as Linux servers continue to expand their presence in data centers around the world. "

Now don't you feel stupid for saying: "Funny thing is that Linux is already losing steam." I know I feel like your stupid for saying that.

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Hi Milo,
Thanks for your links info . Very interesting ;)

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