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Linux "While the eyes of the IT world have spent years squinting to see Microsoft's slowly unfolding vistas, the companies and individuals that drive open source have been steadily building a case for broader adoption of Linux-based operating systems. Two of the best all-around Linux distributions to emerge from this process are OpenSUSE 10.2 and Ubuntu 6.10, both of which bundle together the best of what open source has to offer into operating systems that merit consideration for desktop and server workloads."
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when linux will be widespread
by unclefester on Sat 13th Jan 2007 06:23 UTC
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Linux will be widely used in the home when it is widely used in the workplace. The original de facto standard was DOS. no GUI, no sound, no hi-res graphics, monochrome 80x25 text etc.To print a file in DOS required the user to write a print file.

DOS won out because it was used in corporate environments. This was despite cheaper and far better systems such as Amiga being available.

When FLOSS is widely used in the workplace it will also be used at home.

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