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SkyOS Lots of news on SkyOS. Kaffe using GNU Classpath (without AWT) is now working fine on SkyOS, just like Wine. Although there is no Wine graphics driver yet, you can already start Windows console applications directly from within SkyOS (once a Wine/SkyGI backend is available Wine should run on SkyOS as good as it does on Linux, and will be available via Software Store). On the driver side there is now an ACPI driver including support for ACPI power/sleep buttons (a SkyOS service, the PowerMonitor, will react on power events with configurable actions like shutdown, reboot, etc.). And finally, the SkyOS LiveCD is shaping together and should soon be available. Take a look at the changelog for all updates. Note: If you have problems accessing the website, please click read more for how to solve this issue. Other than that, read more for a first glimpse of yet another improvement coming to SkyOS.
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RE: huuu, you sure about that ?
by johndaly on Tue 16th Jan 2007 22:15 UTC in reply to "huuu, you sure about that ? "
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>>There is a lot of BSD code in windows
>>(at least at a time , there was in the network
>>and what about the GIMP, open office (with Java),
>>firefox, Thunderbird that I am using every day on my
>>win xp machine...

Yup there is probably BSD code in Windows, probably some other exFLOSS code too but neither did MS port the GIMP, OO.o or Firefox to windows nor did they install them on your PC. That was you buddy.

>>Now, to be fair, Linux is much more worse than skyos :
>>Without FLOSS it wouldn't run at all (when Skyos
>>would) . Damn those that coded Gnu/linux : their
>>stinky os only run because they stole good old open
>>source code.

How did you get that bullshit idea in your head? How many commercial games have been ported to SkyOS? Is Adobe/Macromedia providing apps for you guys? Have you got Skype running on SkyOS?
If you are talking about DEs then let me tell you that in the Olden days you could buy CDE running on Motif running on a commercial X server if you where so inclined. The reason that you can't do this anymore is that the FLOSS stuff is better.
You say the evil Linux is taking advantage of the other FLOSS running atop of it? Well buddy Linux is GPL and so are the GNU tools usually running on Linux.
So they are basically giving EVERYTHING back not just the modifications to the GNU tools.

>>Now, comes Mac OS X... They used BSD code for their
>>core components, kernel and stuff, didn't they ?
>>And then they just closed the parts that they are
>>really (beautifully) developping...nasty nasty Apple

Yup and Apple is evil for it, but still less evil then SkyOS since they give back more:

>>Get real man. BSD and GPL licences were made to allow
>>the code (write good code once and re-use it for the
>>good of everyone) to be reused by others under
>>specific legal conditions.

I can't tell you what the spirit of the BSD license is (since we are talking about UC Berkeley here I would guess making the software available whilst covering ones ass) but the GPL was written to provide software freedom. Reuse, technical superiority, getting used and all that crap was spread by ESR and let me tell you he wrote neither the BSD license nor the GPL.

>>Now, don't come and whine when those conditions are
>>met and the code is reused...

The one doing the whining is you, but not only do you whine you do so by dreaming up some bullshit. I'm beyond licensing; I would rather be worried about how SkyOS and Robert take care of the community they are building and what the community will do when Robert burns out.
But hey, it's not my f--king problem if you guys get screwed.

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Obscurus Member since:

Ah, dude, I think Lakedaemon was being facetious. You missed the point of his(/her/its) post entirely as far as I can see...

Granted things like sarcasm and facetiousness often become difficult to spot when translated to the limited format of a forum post, but if people take the time to read and comprehend what people actually write in full before getting your knickers in a knot, we can all enjoy a nice flame-free read.

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johndaly Member since:

You don't need to "think" anything; the guy enclosed part of his post in tags. But let me ask how you would respond to an inflammatory remark if it is made "facetious"?
The comment was neither witty nor funny but rather irritating. Saying something with supposed humorous intent shouldn't protect anything from scrutiny, especially not in writing.

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Man, the stuff between <innocent> and >/innocent> was irony... I never tried to make points, I just wanted to show things in a funny perspective with a ring of truth to it.

What always amazes me is that people deny SkyOS the right to legally and respectfully use GPL software
but they are never as agressiv towards windows, Mac os x, Linux (yes, linux has to comply to the GPL rules too), or other oses...

Another thing that amazes me is that people (I don't say you did) tend to equal Linux and GPL, which is not true :

There is BSD code
There is GPL code
There is code under other licences.

Linux isn't the gpl, it's licensed under the "belongs" to the gpl license...(lol, see if you can change linux's license...)


Gnu/Linux uses GPL code a lot (like 80 % of linux ? ), and BSD code (like 10% those are guesses) and other (free) code...

SKYOS uses no GPL code but (I might be wrong there) may use some Haiku/BSD licensed code, the apps that we can install upon it with the software store use GPL code or BSD...and (free) others

Now, the GPL code has NOT been written for linux.
Emacs and gcc have been written long before linux started to exist.

The GPL code has been belong to the GPL.
Now, a lot of project (linux, windows, solaris, skyos, haiku, etc..) may use GPL under some legal condition.

Now, I don't care what intent the GPL was written for.

As it was written, the GPL gained an existence of it's own (that isn't completely true to it's original creator's intent anymore...if it was, he wouldn't try to promote GPLv3).

Now, I quite like the GPL (though I like the BSD much better) but I just hate Zealots (and GPL zealots in particular).

What is really nice with the free licences is the possibility to see the sources (and the fact that it's free).

Now, please don't try to force feed me the GPL. Thank you.

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