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Windows Work by Microsoft's R&D group played a part in revamping Windows, a researcher said Friday, but not all the toil made it into Vista. Microsoft Research contributed to the SuperFetch effort, a feature within Vista that predicts which applications are used when, then pre-loads them so that they're instantly available. "As part of a long term set of projects, we want to teach the computer to learn from users to make the machine more proactive," says Eric Horvitz, a principal researcher with Microsoft's R&D as well as the president-elect of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence. "We want to use the system's idle time to make things punchier."
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The Clip?
by pfortuny on Sun 21st Jan 2007 18:59 UTC
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You seem to be trying to write a letter...

This gives me the creeps:

The PC camera detects that you look like using Office....

Just kidding

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