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Windows Yesterday we reported on 'Ten Reasons Not to Get Vista', featuring two rebuttals. APCMag, the publisher of the first article, now also published a rebuttal. "I've been running Vista at APC since the earliest leaked builds, and witnessed its extraordinary evolution as Microsoft meandered its way towards the final product. Sure, the earlier versions included some bold features which were dropped for the sake of familiarity in the final version, but there's still lots to appreciate about the 'RTM' version of Vista. I'm not talking here about a nicer user interface or security - I figure APC readers already know how to run a secure XP box and how to de-Fisher-Price it. Here are the real benefits: things that will actually make a difference to you day-to-day." Instant Update: The original author has now published a rebuttal to the two rebuttals. Isn't the internet fun?
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Vista and me?
by WereCatf on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 12:59 UTC
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I still haven't had the chance to give Vista a try, but I'm still planning to, just out of curiosity. But I have simply no intention of switching to it, or even use it. Why? Because I have no reason to do that. I use Linux happily for everything else than gaming, and Win2k still handles the gaming part more than well. Desktop search? It's available in Linux, but I don't use it there either. DirectX 10 games? My hardware won't run those games anyway. HD-DVD? I'm happy enough with my old DVDs ;)

Oh, but I've got several reasons not to switch to Vista: Win2k handles everything I want from Windows. Linux still handles everything else. Vista costs a lot. And considering my hardware, Vista would likely run, Aero too, but that'd be it. If I actually tried to do anything else with it, I think it just wouldn't be able to handle the load.

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RE: Vista and me?
by Fankfurter on Mon 22nd Jan 2007 14:16 in reply to "Vista and me?"
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Similar situation here. I'm still quite happy with my 2k. I use it for gaming only. However, I have just purchased a Vista Home Basic copy. Why? Well, mainly for decent driver support. And I'm sure, we'll see compability problems with Vista only games, even only with DirectX 9. Because here in Germany you can buy SB editions (System Builder) legally, it was only 70 bucks on e-bay.

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