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Zeta It appears that Marcus Overhagen, a well-known BeOS developer, has been recieving threats from YellowTAB. Marcus writes: "Using an alleged NDA (non disclosure agreement) breach, he promises to undertake everything that is possible to sue me. He claimes that even this mail is protected by the NDA that I signed with Yellowtab, but I'm certain that it doesn't apply here. At the end, he says that a copy of that mail was sent to their lawyer, who is now checking legal measures against me."
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The sound of inevitability
by Nicholas Blachford on Sat 20th Aug 2005 13:32 UTC
Nicholas Blachford
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Has Bernd taking management lessons from Commodore or something? Suing, or even just threatening it is not not conductive to good community relations.

I suppose this sort of thing was inevitable, a commercial and open source version of the same thing are going to compete.

The question is, do the involved parties really want this to turn into a situation like the Amiga community?

They really need to step back and think about this.

Ultimately Haiku is probably seen as a threat by yT, yT have developer tools and apps they could sell as third party apps for Haiku. This is how the more successful embedded OSs have responded to Linux.

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RE: The sound of inevitability
by on Sat 20th Aug 2005 15:23 in reply to "The sound of inevitability "
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yellowTAB has no developer tools they've created or bought the rights to that they can distribute and sell as their own (legally) because all tools thus far available are open source, or not theirs to sell. That, however, doesn't seem to have stopped them in the past from doing such things: look at the CodeLiege incident for an example of them selling something as theirs that they had no permission to do. BeIDE is not really theirs, it isn't new, etc. and is very basic. MeTOS is of very poor quality and limited functionality, and is also GPL. Having looked at the code in the past, the developer doesn't need to worry about it being stolen by a commercial developer, except maybe yellowTAB ;)

yellowTAB at this time is searching for tool developers so they can have an updated IDE to sell. You see, they most likely don't have full rights to the BeIDE source code, regardless of their claims for BeOS otherwise, because Be only wrote a small portion of it. I personally expect they will have a very difficult time getting a developer to fill the requirements they're looking for to create a RAD IDE for several reasons.

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