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Linux "The OSDL's Desktop Linux Working Group has published its first year-end report on the state of the overall desktop Linux ecosystem. The report provides insight into the year's key accomplishments in terms of functionality, standards, applications, distributions, market penetration, and more."
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RE[2]: Before it gets an alternative
by Coxy on Fri 26th Jan 2007 21:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Before it gets an alternative"
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- Well, he's an os news reader, it's pretty safe to assume that he's got some experience with computers and he's still has these problems. Last time I tried Linux was in 2002, I had the same problems... and it seems it still exists. As someone trying Linux then I couldn't care what the reasons were for this, I just wanted the fonts to work.

' don't know what you're doing wrong, but you are obviously doing something REALLY wrong '

- What's wrong with wanting readable smoothed fonts?

'The only thing I had to do was modifying .fonts.conf to substitute Helvetica for Nimbus Sans L, and Times for Times New Roman.'

- Why did you have to do this? Because it wasn't done already? Because without it you'd have crappy fonts too? Wouldn't it be better to just have font's working like under windows or macos? If it's as easy as you suggest why can't it be done automatically?

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Either you are lying or you are a complete moron. Pick a suitable answer ;)

- What's wrong with wanting readable smoothed fonts?

Nothing. And you've had readable smoothed fonts in Linux for years. Ever heard of FreeType? We are in 2007 now, and not 2002. Fonts didn't look to good in Windows in 2002 compared with today (with XP as the exception in 2002).

I have nice smoothed readable fonts in Gnome and have had that since august 2004. And I have done _nothing_ to make it look good. It looks way better than in Windows (standard Windows rendering is ugly, and ClearType means extremely poor and wrong hinting, though the font rendering is very crisp).

The modification in .fonts.conf was made solely in regard to font rendering on webpages in Firefox and is not related to interface in Linux (nor Gnome) as such.

Since it's been five (5) years since you tried last time, you really ought to try again.

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