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Windows While the BBC features reviews of Vista by ordinary folk, someone dove into Vista's EULA [.pdf] only to find that when you upgrade from a previous version of Windows, the license of that product becomes invalid. What this means, basically, is that after you've upgraded your XP install to Vista, you cannot use the license of your old XP install on another computer. Tom's Hardware, in the meantime, published an in-depth benchmark comparing Windows XP to Vista, concluding that "Vista is the better Windows, because it behaves better, because it looks better and because it feels better. But it cannot perform better than Windows XP." APCMag, lastly, wonders what can be learnt from the Vista launch.
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RE[2]: Upgrades Thoughts
by Dullin on Wed 31st Jan 2007 16:54 UTC in reply to "RE: Upgrades Thoughts"
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The problem is that Vista upgrades needs a previous installation to be able to install. So since you can't install windows XP anymore you won't be able to update it either.

But this is has already been "hacked" by someone who installed Vista on a new computer without entering is key and then reinstalling over the previous vista install with is upgrade key.

Why make it so difficult, apple seems to have a great way of doing it : 2 versions of the OS (server and "client") and not keys, no copy protection.

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RE[3]: Upgrades Thoughts
by pinguis on Wed 31st Jan 2007 18:10 in reply to "RE[2]: Upgrades Thoughts"
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I like apple an dislike microsoft as much as any other guy, but two points:

no copy protection? How about that one that prevents it from beeing installed on non apple hardware?

no keys?
Have you ever installed Mac OS X server? There is a pretty form to copy the key from the sticker on the box...

That said, i think apple protection on their products is reasonable, where microsoft is not.

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