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Linux "Klik is unique among software installation systems for Linux, in that each package installed through klik is self-contained, isolated from the rest of the operating system. Klik isn't a package management system; rather it's an application that lets you download and run software without installing it."
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by Mathman on Wed 14th Feb 2007 20:24 UTC
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I know next to nothing about klik, but from what I understand KDE and QT and whatnot are being ported to Windows. Anyone know how that effects klik? Drag and drop apps on Windows would rock.

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RE: Windows?
by raver31 on Wed 14th Feb 2007 20:35 in reply to "Windows?"
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Anyone know how that effects klik?

emmmmm, it "might" work, but then, the apps would not.
the apps would have to be ported as well as klik itself.

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RE: Windows?
by archiesteel on Wed 14th Feb 2007 20:37 in reply to "Windows?"
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That's a very interesting question. Right now the Wiki state they are completely incompatible with Windows, but once the KDE and QT libs are ported...who knows!

Edit: Hmm, raver31 pretty much answered the question. :-)

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RE: Windows?
by Rugmonster on Thu 15th Feb 2007 01:54 in reply to "Windows?"
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You would need cramfs support in Windows first.

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