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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu Technical Board has made two technical decisions of which we would like to inform the Ubuntu community. Both of these decisions concern the upcoming 7.04 release of Ubuntu, scheduled for mid-April." Ubuntu 7.04 will not activate binary video drivers by default, essentially meaning nothing will change from the previous releases. The second change is a major blow to the PowerPC architecture and thus owners of Apple PPC hardware: "The PowerPC edition of Ubuntu will be reclassified as unofficial. The PowerPC software itself and supporting infrastructure will continue to be available, and supported by a community team." Translation: Ubuntu PPC can shake hands with the dodo.
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The three major, and thus to date only ones that matter, BSD-derived operating systems all use no Desktop Environment nor Window Manager. They have ports, and ports let people install whatever random crap the user wants.

Whether you have to install them separately or not is irrelevant - the fact that you can means that, if you want to use BSD as a desktop, you still don't have a default DE/WM. That was my point.

I could care less what people do on their own, but calling the anarchodevelopment system pragmatic is silly, they're very much polar to one another.

I disagree. Pragmatism is very much a part of it. The main definition of pragmatic is "dealing or concerned with facts or actual occurrences; practical." I don't see how that is incompatible with the chaotic development model.

If efficiency isn't desired, that's fine for you, but in the end efficiency is one of the things at the core of any programmer's goals. There are efficiency, cleanness, security, portability and a few others, throwing away one of the core precepts that are drilled into a programmer's head just doesn't work for me.

Efficiency doesn't prevent project duplication, simply because people will not always agree. I don't use Enlightenment, but I'm happy it exists, because those who develop it are trying something new.

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