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Xfce "For years, the lightweight Xfce has been a popular desktop environment for Linux distributions running on older hardware, thanks to its lower demand on resources as compared to KDE and GNOME; it's an ideal desktop for machines with less than 256MB of memory. Until recently, however, using Xfce was a little laborious, but with its latest release last month, Xfce is a much more usable desktop environment."
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RE: My favorite
by dennis on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 11:58 UTC in reply to "My favorite"
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You know it all so well? So what do YOU do to improve things? Or are you just a winer? For your record: fuseSMB is NOT a decent workaround since XFCE is made for more OS's then only your beloved Linux. So please first think and then shout!

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RE[2]: My favorite
by deathshadow on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 13:23 in reply to "RE: My favorite"
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>> So what do YOU do to improve things?

File bug reports, make suggestions in their forums ( and in the mailing lists ( - but yes, unlike a lot of college kids having life paid for by mommy and daddy or career educators/lecturers I don't have the time to contribute actual code to open source projects because I actually HAVE a day job...

>> Or are you just a winer?

Ooh, name calling; how quaint... Much less with the common spelling mistake. Lemme guess, you like "mute points" and "oh the humanity"... /fail/ at intarnet. I say, I say, that's a joke son ;)

BTW, above that's whiner, moot and inhumanity respectively up above... just for those of you who didn't get the joke.

>> For your record: fuseSMB is NOT a decent
>> workaround since XFCE is made for more OS's

I said decent, NOT perfect. If it was perfect I wouldn't have LISTED integrated SAMBA as a want in the first place, or mention the simplest of solutions in them just having Thunar call smbclient for discovery and setting up connects. You did READ the post, right?

>> beloved Linux

Oooh, now THAT's funny. Putting aside the fact I'm NOT a big linux fan (as a desktop OS *nix on the whole is nuetered to the point of being crippled for getting REAL work done - I can use it when I HAVE to, it's not by choice), that little 'beloved' comment REEKS of sour grapes - lemme guess, you are one of the fill in the blank BSD fans? If it bothers you that much, how about YOU port it to ____bsd since it IS open source! (turnabout is fair play - thanks for opening the door)

>> So please first think and then shout!

Or how about READ and think before replying... and not making knee-jerk wild assumptions about a persons skills and habits... much less making comments that could be turned back on yourself. (like bitching about an open source project not even being available on your pet BSD of the month)

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