Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Windows v9.2 Released

Metrowerks CodeWarrior for Windows is a C/C++ compiler with code-generation for SSE2 and 3DNow!. Support for GCC compiler extensions. Here are some of its updated features:a. Faster compiler build speeds.
b. Higher performance from compiled applications.
c. Advanced C99 standards compliance:
      i. C99 variable length arrays.
      ii. Support for many non-standard GCC language extensions.
d. C99/ISO C++98 feature for Unicode/Multi-byte source files allows the use of non-ASCII characters in literals and identifiers.
e. Tracking of include file guard macros.
f. Instance manager tracks templates and doesn¹t recompile them which improves compiler speed.
g. Include file capitalization.
h. New preprocessor panel.
i. A portable C++ Library Object FormatC.
j. Support for CodeTEST instrumentation.
k. Support for disabling specific warnings.


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