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Mono Project Windows developers can now port Visual Basic applications to Linux without modifying their code, using an open source project backed by Novell. The Mono project has built a compiler that lets developers code using Visual Basic inside Visual Studio or other preferred tools environments and run the Visual Basic code on non-Windows platforms without the time and cost of modification.
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A disappointing development indeed!
by Almafeta on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 18:18 UTC
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It's getting harder and harder for people religiously opposed to open-source software to use a computer without compromising their morals.

Samad: Why not just make a new Hypercard? The original was developed by a tiny team for tiny systems (back when the 68040 was blazing fast); it wouldn't be hard at all, as long as you don't fall into the trap of adding too many complex new features (as many of would-be successors of Hypercard have done).

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Why not just make a new Hypercard?

There are several already.

Revolution, which is commercial, and almost a clone with lots of extensions. PythonCard, which is GPL but more of a gui on top of Python. And further away in detail, but still close in spirit, Rebol. Closed source, but free.

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