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Linux Complaining about Windows Vista is a national past time on Internet forums these days. Windows Vista 'costs too much', 'has onerous product activation', 'requires too much hardware', etc. These complaints are often followed up by a very simple boast: 'I'm just going to switch to Linux'. But in today's landscape, how viable is that statment? Is the threat to switch to Linux an empty one, or is it entirely possible?"
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Excellent article
by tristan on Wed 7th Mar 2007 20:51 UTC
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This is one of the best articles I've seen linked on OSNews for some time. Unlike many such articles, the author went in with an open mind, and was prepared to persevere when he ran into the occasional problem.

The negative points he raised about Ubuntu are all perfectly valid. The main ones were:

* X configuration requires you to mess about with a config file. This is really appalling in this day and age, and isn't going to get any better in Feisty. Hopefully 7.2, when fully integrated, will sort out this embarrassment.

* The Ubuntu printer config dialogue is poor. He's right, it is. I recall reading that the Mandriva people had come up with a much better Gnome printer config system -- I wonder whether Ubuntu will be able to integrate this.

* Photoshop isn't available for Linux. It's true, and apparently it's very important, but I don't know what can be done about it other than begging and pleading.

* There are hardly any mainstream games available for Linux. Yep.

* If you run a 64-bit system you're more likely to run into difficulties than if you run a 32-bit system. This is also true, though happily seems to be less so in every release. I'm willing to bet the same is true of Vista, too -- it certainly was for XP. There isn't anything fundamentally broken here though -- there are just bugs in some programmes that need fixing.

All in all, I think this is a very fair review of someone starting out in the Linux world, and I recommend it to anyone who's thinking of making the switch.

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RE: Excellent article
by superstoned on Wed 7th Mar 2007 20:56 in reply to "Excellent article"
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X and printer configuration are already a lot better in Kubuntu compared to Ubuntu, though I guess it has other disadvantages to make up for it... At least it wouldn't use Gstreamer by default, so he wouldn't have had to switch to xine ;-)

Anyway, loved the article as well. Realistic, not flamy, thourough.

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RE: Excellent article
by kaiwai on Wed 7th Mar 2007 21:42 in reply to "Excellent article"
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Photoshop isn't available for Linux. It's true, and apparently it's very important, but I don't know what can be done about it other than begging and pleading.

Photoshop isn't needed, features from Photoshop are needed - there is a big difference.

GIMP needs to drop the MDI zealotry, adopt GIMPShop as the default GUI, and fine-tooth-comb Photoshop listing the features in there that GIMP lacks, then asking for feedback from the user community to triage features into high, low and medium priorities.

For me, GIMP doesn't suck - its the interface and lack Photoshop features that makes it a non-Photoshop replacement; the moment that you focus on features rather than the application itself, is when you'll make progress.

Photoshop will never come to Linux or some other platform - I'd sooner see GIMP make the necessary user inteface change and add the feaures required so then atleast I won't be forced into running an operating system - I can then choose to move to Linux, OpenSolaris or FreeBSD for example rather than if I were to ask for Photoshop and find that I am then stuck with Linux, with my choice once again castrated because of Adobes political posturing.

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RE[2]: Excellent article
by Xaero_Vincent on Wed 7th Mar 2007 21:53 in reply to "RE: Excellent article"
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RE: Excellent article
by archiesteel on Wed 7th Mar 2007 22:38 in reply to "Excellent article"
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X configuration requires you to mess about with a config file.

Correction: X configuration *may* require you to mess with the config file. On my Kubuntu Desktop (NVIDIA) and Laptop (Ati) I didn't have to edit xorg.conf at all with Edgy. However, YMMV and this is still (unfortunately) a valid criticism with some hardware setups.

Photoshop isn't available for Linux.

Yes and no. It runs pretty good under Wine. Illustrator and InDesign, however, do not. There are OSS alternatives to these, but they are not as mature as, say, Gimp, which despite what many will say *is* a good alternative to PS.

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RE[2]: Excellent article
by knightrider on Wed 7th Mar 2007 22:53 in reply to "RE: Excellent article"
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Gimp replaces Photoshop, Inkscape replaces Illustrator and Coreldraw. Xara Extreme will quite possibly replace them all.

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