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Novell and Ximian "The Free Software Foundation has published a third draft of the GPL3 license. The FSF had indicated leading up to this draft that it would be addressing some concerns it had with the Novell-Microsoft agreements in the draft. Here's Novell's position on the new draft."
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RE[3]: My thoughts.
by lemur2 on Wed 4th Apr 2007 02:46 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: My thoughts."
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{I'm gonna close this up by saying that I think Microsoft will start suing Linux and other open source companies for patent and/or IP infringement. I don't think they will win big money settlements and many will probably be shown to be invalid, but the stink it will put on open source if they win even one could be bad. If my understanding of the GPLv3 is correct and software licensed under it can't be apart of any patent protection deals then open source may stand to lose. }

Read up about the "Open Invention Network".

Read up about the "Patent Commons Project".

Read up about the IBM Technical disclosure bullentin.

Groklaw has a lot of information on FOSS & patents.

Do not simply assume that FOSS is defenceless against a patent attack, or that Microsoft would automatically benefit by such an attack.

It would be more like a "mutually assured destruction" scenario.

IBM has more patents than anybody, and IBM has committed a hefty amount of its patent arsenal to the defense of Linux against patent attack.

All of these facts tend to lead one to the conclusion that Microsoft cannot afford to actually attack Linux using patents in the courts, because the countersuit would cripple Microsoft.

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