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OpenBSD "I, Michael Buesch, am one of the maintainers of the GPL'd Linux wireless LAN driver for the Broadcom chip (bcm43xx). The Copyright holders of bcm43xx (which includes me) want to talk to you, OpenBSD bcw developers, about possible GPL license and therefore copyright violations in your bcw driver. We believe that you might have directly copied code out of bcm43xx (licensed under GPL v2), without our explicit permission, into bcw (licensed under BSD license)." The entire thread can be found here.
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by archiesteel on Sat 7th Apr 2007 20:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: re"
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But from users standpoint this is nonsense. User wants well working hardware and that's all. In current case it's clear that GPL actually goes against the normal users, it doesn't make them any good.

Please explain why this is the case...the GPL has *nothing* to do with who uses what, it doesn't affect users at all. It does affect what you can do with the code if you modify and redistribute it, though.

This is completely irrelevant. The developers *chose* to release their code under the GPL, therefore the BSD devs *cannot* use that code and re-release it under the BSD license. Doing so would be *against the law*. Are you guys advocating copyright violation? Because from where I stand, it certainly looks like it.

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