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X11, Window Managers "After several weeks of discussion the leaders of Compiz and Beryl have agreed that the two communities shall reunite. This decision is supported by both David and Quinn and represents the majority decision of the administrators and developers in each community."
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RE[2]: The License
by asupcb on Sun 8th Apr 2007 23:08 UTC in reply to "RE: The License"
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I just want to know why there is no alternative to DirectX. It looks to me like there is incentive to develop such a thing so that development costs would be cheaper for Nintendo, Sony, Apple, and the FOSS community. OSS often works in cases where sharing development resources makes since and these different companies have the incentive to fight back against MS. Having a common and flexible API programming model for multiple systems that is like DirectX, but open and developed by MS competitors would make sense to me, but maybe I'm just missing something.
Sony and Nintendo sharing a common API and development environment would ease costs for both especially since they seem to be going after different markets in the console business now (and possibly in the future). Apple has a stake in order to make it easier to program for OS X. FOSS has obvious needs for such a thing in order to allow for more standardization across Linux, *BSD, and Solaris. Easing porting between the various flavors of Nix should encourage more development for those markets. If you don't have to rewrite as much code between the various systems (basically more shared code) when porting then porting costs should be cheaper. OpenGL helps with this some, but there need to be answers for audio, networking, and peripherals as well. Maybe this is unrealistic but I think it is something worth working toward and I'm sure that it would be difficult to make compatible with the different systems but I'm sure that it could be done, such as the Wine project attempting to reimplement all the Windows API's. If that's possible than this should be relatively simple and there are examples of higher level abstraction such as KDE4's Phonon (which I know is still Alpha at this point).
I know that SDL exists but that only seems to be a small part of what I'm talking about but maybe heading in the right direction. I mean for all the big names to come together and create a real alternative to DirectX that would standardize more things across the non-dominant or redundant parts of the software ecosystem.

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RE[3]: The License
by Best on Mon 9th Apr 2007 01:13 in reply to "RE[2]: The License"
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SDL offers graphics, sound, and input support, and you can always use plain OpenGL, OpenAL and just use SDL for the input. The simple fact is that if DirectX were an open standard like these are, it would also be chopped up into multiple bits because different groups want different things out of them and different companies have a stake in them.

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