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Syllable, AtheOS "Brent has put the Syllable User's Bible (SUB) back online, hosted on Feel free to check it out, and email Brent with improvement suggestions. SUB's design hasn't been integrated into the main design yet."
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RE: New Hardware
by Mike Pavone on Thu 12th Apr 2007 18:44 UTC in reply to "New Hardware"
Mike Pavone
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The Syllable team members are claiming that this OS should become a desktop os for everyday use.
But it doesn't run on newer hardware like my compaq notebook.

I'm not talking about that Syllable should have drivers for every new hardware. I'm talking about to fall back on simple VESA video modes or harddrive drivers that work out of the box.

Syllable does fall back to VESA drivers if it can't find a suitable display driver, but that's not a magical solution to all compatability problems. PC hardware is incredibly diverse and often times quirky so it can be quite difficult to provide even a decent "failsafe" configuration. Also, like all software Syllable is not without bugs.

FreeDOS has a much easier problem to solve in regards to working on all common x86 hardware. DOS is a 16-bit OS that in many places is just a thin wrapper for the standard BIOS calls. Syllable does much more and as such achieving full compatibility is a lot more challenging. That said, it is something that is being worked on.

If you want some help in getting Syllable running on your specific machine you can post on the Syllable message board ( ) or file a bug in the bug tracker ( ).

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