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Apple In the latest update to the technical documentation available from ADC, Apple has published this note: "Features added to Cocoa in Mac OS X versions later than 10.4 will not be added to the Cocoa-Java programming interface. Therefore, you should develop Cocoa applications using Objective-C to take advantage of existing and upcoming Cocoa features".
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Lets get Real
by on Mon 11th Jul 2005 07:43 UTC

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1- Cocoa-Java is a bridge between the Java programming language and the Cocoa Framework - Apple dropping Cocoa-Java has nothing to do with Intel transition, or anything else outside of the fact that maintaining a bridge that only a handful of applications of ever used - was pointless.

2- Cocoa-Java has nothing to do with Java, or Swing or AWT, Apple dropping the Cocoa-Java bridge will have not effect on an Java application, period.

3- Apple dropping Cocoa-Java is good and keeps inline with Sun's and Java's cross-platform ideology.

4- Objective-C will stay and with Apple adding ever more to the Cocoa framework will make Objective-C and Cocoa ever more attractive.

5- Objective-C ran on x86 long before it ran on the Macintosh, why would apple drop it when Objective-C and Cocoa goes back to x86?

6- Apple dropping Cocoa-Java does not mean the Apple is dropping Java.

7- By all accounts Cocoa is only possible because of Objective-C and its Dynamic nature, it would be very difficult to develop a Cocoa framework in almost any language that exists today.

8- As for those geniuses claiming Apple should drop Java, Cocoa, and Objective-C for .NET or Mono because of the shift to Intel. Just because Apple changes a processor does not mean that suddenly that Apple will rewrite the Majority of its Applications written in Objective-C, just to please Microsoft lock-ins. A move to .NET or Mono would mean ripping out over 20 years of NextStep and Cocoa development and Frameworks, Like Aqua, Core-Data, Core-Image, Core-Video, iLife, iWork, out of Mac OS X and replacing it with huge chunks of property Windows code OS or a very immature open source project
"Mono" that could be killed by Microsoft in a heart beat through patents.

Apple dropping Cocoa-Java is a non-news event nothing to see move on folks.

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RE: Lets get Real
by on Tue 12th Jul 2005 03:24 in reply to "Lets get Real"
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Thanks for the only sensical comments related to this "story". I have never seen so many uneducated comments. This truly was a non-event.

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