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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "After making a lot of progress with Mandriva Linux 2007, I thought perhaps Mandriva had turned over a new leaf, and was using that release as a starting point for an overall better quality operating environment. I was totally wrong. Both the PowerPack Edition and Discovery/LX have slid so far back with version 2007.1 that I have serious doubts as to the future of Mandriva's viability as a commercial desktop operating system." Read more at SoftwareInReview.
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by AdamW on Fri 27th Apr 2007 05:19 UTC
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On the Errata, just looking at the length doesn't really give you the whole story. Let's go issue by issue.

"Incorrect theme used for install boot screen in Powerpack+ x86-32 edition" - first, I'm not actually sure if this is still the case (it was the case with the first round of 'final' ISOs, but the ISOs were actually revised, so it may have been fixed). Assuming it is, well, it's an aesthetic glitch. Might look a bit silly but it doesn't affect any functionality.

"Java packages not included in Discovery, Free and Powerpack editions", "locate not included in Free and Powerpack editions" - these are just notifications that a few packages some people might expect to be on the release images are actually not for space reasons. Nothing is actually broken. The packages are available and working from the public repositories.

"'Help' screen at boot does not display correctly" - genuine bug, nothing critical.

"kernel-enterprise incompatible with ACPI suspend" - not really a bug, just a limitation we consider it sensible to let our users know about. It's an upstream incompatibility in the code. This is the kind of thing I mean when I say all distros have these issues, we just do a better job of telling people about them.

"XFS filesystem issues" - ditto. This is an upstream kernel problem.

"Slow internet response (particularly web browsing)" - ditto again. Problems with IPv6 and TCP window scaling are not at all Mandriva specific; they're just often encountered by our users so we provide information and workarounds here.

"Issue with networking/firewire on Zepto/Compal models including Znote 6515WD" - extremely specific problem caused by bad hardware in a few particular laptop models. Would be nice to blacklist the offending modules based on dmidecode, but it's hardly a critical issue for many users.

"Sound always plays through speakers on Zepto / Compal Znote 6515WD" - same again. This is very hard to 'fix' as the specific settings necessary for this one laptop are not the settings needed for other systems with the same sound hardware.

"ipw2200: Firmware error detected. Restarting." - genuine issue, I wish the packager would agree to switch to software crypto by default on this driver...

"PC Card devices not found" - upstream kernel issue. Affects many distros. Does yours tell you about it and what to do to fix it?

" Broadcom wireless network devices not working / unstable" - again, really just to notify users about an imperfect driver. The only real Mandriva 'bug' here is using this driver by default on hardware where it really doesn't work very well, but at least we make it easy to use ndiswrapper instead.

"Some laptops (VAIO VGN-FS115B, Asus W6A) run slowly on AC power" - upstream kernel issue.

"3D acceleration not correctly activated on Intel graphics chipsets on x86-64 versions" - genuine issue.

"Writing to floppy disks is very slow" - genuine issue, when's the last time you used a floppy drive? ;)

"Invalid signature errors when installing packages" - genuine issue, we definitely need to handle the repository keys situation better. We're working on this.

"Krita crashes when saving a file in PNG format" - genuine issue.

"Hydrogen cannot be installed" - genuine issue in a little-used package, already fixed with a candidate update.

"O3spaces does not work correctly on Powerpack+ i586" - just a consequence of the Java issue.

"UTF8 issue when reinstalling and keeping a previous /home that was not in UTF8" - upgrade issue; it's rather hard to safely automatically migrate /home directories to UTF8, it's safer to let the user handle it than destroy their data.

"Video players crash when trying to play high resolution videos (using Intel graphics adapters)" - upstream issue, impossible to 'fix' as it's a question of how much memory gets allocated to 2D output and how much to 3D; wherever you set the balance it won't be right for everyone. Affects any distro using i810 driver. Does yours tell you about this issue and how to avoid it?

"Packaged Azureus fails to work" - genuine issue, I wish we'd stop packaging Azureus and just let people install it from upstream...the packaged version is built against GNU Java and has piles of dependencies and doesn't really work.

"Monitor powers off when viewing video with Totem" - hmm, someone else added this, I'm not familiar with it. Appears that they didn't have gnome-power-manager installed on an upgrade install, for some reason. Must've been upgrading something old.

"3D-accelerated desktop not starting under GNOME" - not something that can be fixed 'automatically' as it's a result of old GNOME user configuration files, and as a distro you *REALLY* don't want to be messing with user profile stuff in /home. An Errata note is really the best thing that can be done.

"3D-accelerated desktop and video playback" - not a Mandriva bug, a limitation of beryl / compiz in that they're not yet compatible with accelerated video playback. This section contains comprehensive instructions on setting several media players to use non-accelerated output. This affects anyone using compiz or beryl. Does your distro tell you about it and tell you how to switch to non-accelerated output?

"3D-accelerated desktop and some Java/Swing applications" - only relevant to people who install Java from upstream and not from our packages.

"Xgl and multiple user logins" - genuine issue, pity we didn't get around to fixing it yet.

"Beryl and screensavers" - genuine issue.

"NVIDIA 3D acceleration not working" - upgrade issue, annoying but non-fatal and easily fixed.

"Broken pam configuration (commands such as su not working)" - upgrade issue. We were well aware of it prior to release but there's just no good way to make an automated fix.

"Removable drives are no longer made available when connected" - upgrade issue; upgrading doesn't automatically install the new kernel. Wouldn't be a problem for anyone who keeps their kernel up to date, as they should...

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