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X11, Window Managers Cairo v1.4.6 is released and it's got a "particularly juicy performance fix, (working around an X server performance bug), as well as native PDF gradients with alpha". In other interesting open source releases, the powerful audio application Ardour v2.0 was released (with Mac OS X support).
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Well, actually Linux supports quite a good range of sound cards, some of them of professional quality. Ardour, I suspect, was more or less designed to work with these:

AFAIK you can hardly get any more professional soundcards than that. And once you have the ADAT interface you can choose from a vast range of high end A/D converters.

Me I use the M-Audio Delta66, inexpensive but actually quite good. It works 110% in Linux, in some occations even better than in Windows.

You mentioned Cubase VST. Well, I've used it's brother Nuendo2.0 for three months at a professional production facility, and I can safely tell you I wouldn't exchange it for Ardour. If you want I can make you a F2F comparison, cause I know both programs pretty darned well. One example where Ardour will win is for example the limited number of "slots" for plugins on each track in Nuendo. Ardour does not have this limitation. It's also not possible to copy/paste plugins in Nuendo, making it tricky to move one plugin/parameters from one place/track to another. And don't get me started on the routing possibilities, not to mention the speed. Only place Nuendo has a small advantage is in stability, even though I've had both system lockups and corrupted sessionfiles in it.

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