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Hardware, Embedded Systems On the heels of announcing their plan to offer Ubuntu Linux pre-installed on selected consumer desktops and laptops, Dell will disclose today that it will team up with Novell and Microsoft to distribute Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server software along with Microsoft's Windows Server software. As part of the deal, Dell will help Novell and Microsoft make SLES and Windows work together efficiently on Dell's computer hardware. Rick Becker, a Dell VP, says, "There's many aspects of open source that delight my customers, [but] they have concerns about software licensing. Those concerns go away when they deploy Microsoft and SLES Linux."
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People think
by Damind on Mon 7th May 2007 17:25 UTC
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READ THESE WORDS, "MICROSOFT WILL NEVER GO AWAY" "NOVELL WILL NEVER GO WAY" "DELL WILL NEVER GO AWAY" The few of you who will not buy there products will never make a difference. When you start spending as much as even a small company then you can talk and even then it will will not make a difference. Money talks and your BS walks.

It is not to say that what is happening is not worth talking about but you are making money because of these companies.

Allot of computers I fix are DELL and they all run MS software. Even when they do not have MS office they do not want try anything else because their users do not want to use anything else. They are also worried about their clients about being able to open the documents. They do not have or want to spend the time to training anyone on anything they do not to.

Linux of great but please let not get it confused it has a long way to go before it reaches the real end users and before it reaches them it must enter the enterprise. Because most people buys when they use in the office.

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RE: People think
by Phloptical on Tue 8th May 2007 02:55 in reply to "People think"
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Allot of computers I fix are DELL

...yes, I'm sure they are.

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RE[2]: People think
by RawMustard on Tue 8th May 2007 06:15 in reply to "RE: People think"
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