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Windows Months go, I reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "All in all, I am impressed by Windows Vista [...]. Windows Vista is better than XP, and definitely more than just an improved look as many say." After 5 months of usage, it is time to put that statement into perspective.
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RE[7]: I agree, fair review
by cyclops on Tue 8th May 2007 20:10 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: I agree, fair review"
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@MollyC as always a great comment.

Absolutely, I'm glad you you pointed out that DRM is limited to a number of new computers. It highlights one of the things I truly love about DRM. It *only* begins to bite in the long term. I find it truly wonderful that WMP without selecting any option *contacts* someone, how serious is this spyware.

I'm pretty certain that Microsoft implemented DRM in its operating system as it saw fit. Unless your somehow trying to imply that a company that is prepared to happily the ignore the EU laws, is somehow scared of Hollywood...or that HD Blu-ray makers have intimate knowledge of the workings of the Microsoft OS., or they could have offered the consumer the right to *choose* whether to have a consumer OS.

Its true XP had activation, and I'm sure that false positives will continue. I'm sure you are aware of the extra limited imposed on an unactivated desktop....btw what was so great about XP's original spyware

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