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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "GNU/Linux is the most popular operating system built with free/open source software. However, it is not the only one: FreeBSD is also becoming popular for its stability, robustness and security. In this article, I'll take a look at their similarities and differences."
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I liked FreeBSD at one time better then linux as a server. FreeBSD is very well documented (The handbook is the best). Stability is a 10. Security is better then ok. An example, it comes installed with Sendmail, not as secure as Postfix. But stronger in other places. Most server (Bind, ISC-DHCP etc) are configured to run in sand-box by just specifying in rc.conf file (vary nice). But the real problem for me is in the mascot they chose to use. Being a Christian, I found it hard to ignore. I tried to convince myself by reading the article on why they chose that mascot. It worked for a while, but I'm not able to support or use something that would bring honor to the one that is responsible for the conditions that mankind is in today. And the one that slandered the one who gave me life, Jehovah God. The bible does not say that Satan is a red guy with horns carring a pitchfork but everyone knows who it represents. This may be off subject a bit but not really, when you are considering why people use one or the other. I would venture to say I'm not alone in why I do not use FreeBSD.

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You sir are a bigot. Being an atheist all I can say is that I am shocked and horrified by presence of people such as you on this world. The level of ignorance you represent is astounding... This comment is intentionally attacking the former person and all like him so feel free to mod down.

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I would have expected everything but this reason. Obviously the FreeBSD mascot is everything but evil. He's just a piece of paper on your CD insert or colored pixels on your computer. It does no harm to anybody, nor does it have people harm anymone. It looks actually friendly. One has to make the difference between good and evil. Is a plush mascot evil? Is some one who starts a war based on made up proves in Iraq evil? Think about it... I see you're a Jehovah's Witness so I can't but tell you my "story" with Jehovah's Witnesses. These guys broke my family and let my cousin die because they wouldn't let the doctor do the blood transfusion she needed. Now this is evil. When these folks reimburse all the money they sucked from my uncle and when they bring back my cousin, they will have my respect again.
With such narrow-minded and selfish mentality, I understand why people are so evil and start wars here and there in the name of God. By doing so, they serve the Devil. Think about it.

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I used to be a Linux user, and one day I say a picture of what they call "Tux", which is for me the Lord of Darkness. Tux is a black penguin, and as you know, black is associated with satanism, and those gothic teenagers dressed in black who go out at night and who gather in cemeteries. I formated by computer right away.

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I did not want to get in a religious discussion in a OS forum and I was not attacking FreeBSD. I was just trying to show how some may not even base their decision on a technical matter. Not even taking a look at it based on a non-technical thing. People make decisions based on appearance all the time. Advertisers spend millions of dollars making their products as appealing as possible. I was showing how I view it. And I know I'm not alone. I called to cancel my CD subscription and the nice lady I spoke with said that the mascot was one of the biggest complaints people had.

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