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Mozilla & Gecko clones "The fifth public alpha build of Firefox 3 has been officially released. The new alpha build, which is codenamed Gran Paradiso, features early components of the revamped Places system, a cohesive storage framework that will unify bookmark and history storage. An earlier prototype of the Places system was tested in early Firefox 2 alpha (Bon Echo) builds but was removed because it couldn't be completed within the Firefox 2 release timeframe."
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Chuck Norris
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Firefox does have this functionality, it's had it ever since it was firebird. Go into a bookmark property, and there will be a keyword field. You can even use it to make custom site searches.

You're talking about keyword shortcuts. You didn't check my links. I'm talking about Speed Dial. When you open a new tab, it shows a series of thumbnails of the 9 web sites you access most (can be defined manually).

As some one said, you can set up an HTML, create these thumbnails and set up this page as my home page. I can also code my own browser if I'm enough motivated, if we take this way.

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I guess that it's a case of relative ease.

Time to code a new browser with all the features of Opera/FF: >1000 Hours

Time to make an HTML page with thumbnails of your favourite webpages: <3 Hours

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jayson.knight Member since:

"Time to make an HTML page with thumbnails of your favourite webpages: <3 Hours"

3 hours? Are you growing your own HTML tags in your HTML garden and have to wait for them to get ripe first? :-P

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Time to search on Firefox's addons site: 30 seconds

SpeedDial for Firefox,

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Chuck Norris Member since:

I guess this is why I don't use Firefox. The most basic features are all available as extensions only (session saver, speed dial, mouse gestures, user-agent switcher, etc...). Ironically, Firefox's setup file is 3x bigger than Opera's, that has the functionality of most of these extensions included as default, ready to use out of the box, no need to have to search for them on the web, no version issues between the browser and extensions. It just works.

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