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Hardware, Embedded Systems An updated version of the wireless technology will soon allow consumers to beam photos from cameras and use their cell phone to make purchases, reports Business 2.0 Magazine. There is also information about Bluetooth 3.0.
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RE[2]: breathe
by ple_mono on Sat 16th Jun 2007 00:18 UTC in reply to "RE: breathe"
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And there's no reason you have to rush out and buy the latest and greatest yourself. You can can use flint to start the fires in your cave dwelling as long as you want, I won't stop you.

You are being a bit dramatic, don't you agree?

You got me all wrong. Really!
I'm _not_ conservative. Belive me. I'm just saying things are rushed nowadays.
Is it so hard to belive i'm pro NEW? All i'm saying people are throwing half baked attempts of technologies at us, just to be _first_, creating several "standards" where one would suffice.

If you do something, then do it _good_!

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