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SuSE, openSUSE Novell has shipped the first service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. "Novell today announced that the first service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 is now available to customers worldwide. Featuring significant enhancements in virtualization, high-performance computing, security, interoperability and system management, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 from Novell lets organizations take advantage of the latest technical advances in the best-engineered, lowest-cost and most-interoperable platform for mission-critical computing."
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RE[4]: OES2
by IanSVT on Tue 19th Jun 2007 18:12 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: OES2"
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People currently using Netware are using NETWARE. Using Linux drivers is neither here nor there to them unless everything just works, and Novell doesn't really seem to understand that. It's not something a Netware person consciously thinks about.

That's absurd. Being able to use Linux drivers is important to anyone who actually wants to be able to continue to run NetWare and NetWare based services on the ever increasing amount of hardware vendors who are dropping NetWare support.

To a paying Novell customer, yes, that's exactly what it looks like unfortunately. I mean, nobody wanted this to happen.

What paying Novell customers are you referring to? My organization runs Novell software. We pay for it. I deal with it on a daily basis. Novell has clearly been working towards a Linux based replacement for NetWare. Personally, I'm all for it, even four years later.

Here are the facts. Novell has been work on a Linux based NetWare replacement. NetWare is losing hardware support, and there's nothing that can change that. They have had one major OES Linux release in early 2005, and two incremental service pack level releases since. They are closing in on the second major release. To say Novell has done nothing is being completely oblivious to the facts. Moreover, you can't replace an operating system in one day. Replacing NetWare takes time. Anyone with any sort of realistic grip on software development has to realize that.

Whether or not they have done a good job with those OES Linux releases is a very arguable subject, but that they have not done anything is most certainly incorrect.

And finally, SLES is not OES Linux. They are based on the same code base but SLES is more of a generic Linux distribution while OES Linux is a direct replacement for NetWare.

I'm sorry, you're very off base with your claims.

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