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Internet & Networking "Apple's Safari is making its way to the Windows platform with the serious intention of making a dent in the market. As brilliant as the people are at Apple, I can't help but laugh at their, to put it politely, delusion. Before I ramble on too much, here are my five reasons why Safari will fail on the Windows platform." My take: Safari on Windows isn't here to take over the Windows browsing market. It's here for the iPhone.
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RE[5]: I love #4....
by kaiwai on Fri 22nd Jun 2007 07:40 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: I love #4...."
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I did read it and your description lacks any merit/meat behind it.

DUH!!!!!!!!! its crap performance, memory hogging, buggy and bugs not being fixed - but hey, why let FACTS like that get in the way of being a fan boy.

The alternatives are the same browsers on every platform.

Of course they bloody are, but it doens't mean they're of the same level of quality on all platforms supported - again, use, your bloody brains.

Be constructive on how they differ from platform to platform or you're just talking out you ass due to having an aversion to OS X.

Based on what bloody evidence? I ran the bloody operating system for 5 bloody years! run Firefox on Linux, Solaris, and MacOS X, then run it on Windows. Sorry *MATE* but anything outside Windows is a second class citizen to the Mozilla foundation. If you're ignoring those facts, you've got greater issues at play than just being arrogant and ignorant.

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