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Privacy, Security, Encryption "I was somewhat surprised (but pleased) at the level of interest back when I published my Windows Vista - 90 Day Vulnerability Report. It was about the earliest span of time I thought might give us some indicators, and the indicators did look good. Six months is a much more interesting time frame, and gives us the opportunity to see if the early trend indicators are holding up, or if the early signs of progress were a short-term gain."
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RE[2]: Meaningless "Report"
by Supreme Dragon on Mon 25th Jun 2007 22:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Meaningless "Report""
Supreme Dragon
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IF MS would finally releases a quality OS, and stop abusing their customers, people would not have much to complain about. But of course, that will obviously never happen, they would rather try to force people to buy DRM infected garbage at ridiculous prices, and spread "get the facts" lies and patent propaganda.

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RE[3]: Meaningless "Report"
by jayson.knight on Mon 25th Jun 2007 22:36 in reply to "RE[2]: Meaningless "Report""
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I'm adding "garbage" to my aforementioned list of banned words for you today as well.

Look, there's a difference between complaining (which means mentioning it once or twice through the appropriate channels) and just all out whiny bitching, which seems to be what you think OSNews is all about: Whining about Windows.

I feel Vista is a quality OS, I don't feel abused in the least, and I certainly don't feel forced to use MS software. Millions of other folks feel the exact same way.

Also, linking to does nothing to build credibility in a debate about MS. Then again, you'd be a perfect fit as a staff writer over on their site, perhaps they are hiring?

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