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Linux The Linux community is splitting - right down the middle, at this point - over Microsoft's controversial claims that the open-source operating system infringes on patents it holds. Last Tuesday, Mandriva became the third Linux vendor within five days to say it isn't interested in signing a licensing deal with Microsoft to avoid possible infringement claims. A blog posting to that effect by Mandriva CEO Francois Bancilhon followed similar declarations by officials at Red Hat and Canonical.
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by Nelson on Tue 26th Jun 2007 21:23 UTC
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I wouldn't say right down the middle (cmon..Xandros and Linspire..?) but yea there is a slight division.

Those true to Linux, Open source, and it's philosophies will dismiss all of this patent bs and continue on with their lives.

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by sappyvcv on Tue 26th Jun 2007 21:29 in reply to "Hm"
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by jayson.knight on Tue 26th Jun 2007 21:30 in reply to "Hm"
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"I wouldn't say right down the middle (cmon..Xandros and Linspire..?)"

You forgot Novell, which is 2nd to Red Hat in terms of market penetration. Maybe not right down the middle, but probably around 60/40.

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RE[2]: Hm
by ThawkTH on Tue 26th Jun 2007 21:34 in reply to "RE: Hm"
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Perhaps in the Commercial Linux Camp....But definitely not the Linux Camp.

C'mon - Slack/Gentoo/Debian/RH/Mandriva/Ubuntu/PCLOS/MEPIS NO
Xandros/Linspire/Novell YES

With FOSS, "Commercial" is not all that matters, particularly to the community.

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RE[2]: Hm
by Nelson on Tue 26th Jun 2007 22:43 in reply to "RE: Hm"
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I'm full aware of Novell, I only cited Xandros and Linspire to leverage my point on how the community isn't evenly divided.

I realize Novell was a substantial gain, and I fear than in the near future they will be paying the consequences of collaborating with Microsoft with such dangerous things.

I'm usually Pro Microsoft in most of my comments here, but I don't trust Microsoft for one second in the business aspect of things.

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RE[2]: Hm
by abraxas on Tue 26th Jun 2007 23:34 in reply to "RE: Hm"
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You forgot Novell, which is 2nd to Red Hat in terms of market penetration. Maybe not right down the middle, but probably around 60/40.

I wouldn't go that far. Despite Novell's #2 spot they are far behind Redhat. It's more like 80/20.

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Very inaccurate
by Xaero_Vincent on Wed 27th Jun 2007 01:28 in reply to "Hm"
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Whats happening here is we're seeing a split between companies who have no respect for the free software ideals and those that do and will standby it.

Novell might have some contributions but they lost a lot of credibility in the community and now merely an interest to mixed buisnesses. I think this is partly why they will be allowed to participate in the GPLv3 transformation.

The others: Xandros, Linspire, etc. are nothing. Those companied provided virtually nothing to the community or the movement but were very eager shun both. Under the GPLv3, they will pay for using the movement like a dirty slut and will be forced to fork into irrelevency.

That is all.

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RE: Hm
by Cutterman on Wed 27th Jun 2007 19:06 in reply to "Hm"
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This isn't a significant split or even really a split at all.

The really significant split, that of GPL code into two incompatible streams, GPL2 and GPL3, is yet to come and an infinitely more serious split it will be.

Microsoft have succeeded in provoking the FSF into this, despite the fact that "Tivoisation" and nebulous "promise-not-to-sue" agreements over unspecified patent claims are minor evasions that do not significantly threaten FOSS.

This so-called "split" is in fact Microsoft's stalking-horse for their real aim, dividing the GNU/Linux codebase.

And with the FSF's cooperation, it looks like they will succeed.


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